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Yogurt, rice, carrots, and pesto whatever that is. That’s not a meal that’s a mismash of random foods

Ugly feet that’s an automatic nope

Yes, I do plan on visiting Slovenia VERY soon. Just need my passport and all expenses paid.


He said he’s 347 lbs now, and GROWING!

This isn’t photoshop?? There’s a good chance she has a dyiuk.

Slight very little barley noticeable autism like 1%

“You look good enough to be a tranny!”

Ever look at who he follows on Instagram? It’s all drag queens and trannies. I even found one straight up gay one, some bodybuilder with only fans links everywhere.

Making a steak and watching the twilight zone, I never liked going out with the cookie cutters.

I’ve never been the fast twitch fiber freak unfortunately

There’s a New York post article…

Freaks come out at night Street life Lonesome loser Please Mr. Postman Year of the Cat Keep on loving you Bang your head Rooster Darth Vader theme

Yearly Twilight Zone marathon

I’ve been somehow banned from her Instagram yet I’ve never liked or commented on her posts, I think Nate preemptively banned all maniacs

It’s because Ebonics have found their place into normal everyday language now…I blame public schools.

Genova has passed down the title of the “Iron Extortionist”

Man he really needs someone to teach him how to write

Be used to at least look muscular underneath all that fat, now…not so much.

Not one looks good, it’s all watery bloated mass.

His receptors are fried, he has diabetes, bad circulation, and multiple injuries. You could give him grams of steroids and it still won’t fix it unfortunately

No way he’s not a homosexual

Patrick is still hitting him on camera making him disguise his voice! It’s sick!

Definitely, I feel like the more you’d hit Rob the angrier he’d get

Oh yeah more harassment that’ll make Brad really want to make videos

Big Lous like you! He’s on meds too!

It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again

Jason “Michael Myers” Masterson
“What’s your name?” “Jason Michael Masterson” “Sounds like a horror movie...Michael Myers?” ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/TP3pBOlhz9.jpg)

Can someone please edit and submit Bards Steaks to this page??
I don’t remember which video it was from we just need a good short clip or photos.

I thought surely they’d torch the place but they didn't even remove the tile, the new owners have no clue what happened here.

Menty YouTube advertising

New Big Jay Live!!
Live on YouTube right now! Just kidding it’s imposter Jay. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/AJcccWf5Q8.jpg)

Big Jay…checkin in…from the pool!
I was gonna wear it in the pool but the literally dog pissed on my swimsuit, absolutely piss. ![](https://delraymisfitsboard.com/pictrs/image/QDwfNDz7pz.jpg)

Jay Masters Halloween Mask
Mask I made of Jay...don’t be mad just a little gag!