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“Isn’t it great??”

Look at how fat his head is here! Barely fits in that hat. “Jason you’re going to want to get out of here…I just want to pull down these panties and tongue that ayyyusss!”

He originally misspelled steel as “still” and fixed it lol

He really just needs someone to smack the shit out of him, I think he would really benefit from a good ass kicking.

Brayud said that??

Is that brads leg

Don’t ruin any potential ments Jay!

Most of us are normal fans, it’s only a handful of people that want to ruin it for the rest of us.

Thank you for this Jon! Hopefully we can get these guys all together soon in some form or another.

That video when he’s fantasizing about locking up a Boca bitch in his basement and she’s telling him her husband has money, this pisses him off and he puts out a lit cigarette on her skin.

Jay is jealous of Lennys natural charisma

There’s nothing wrong with cats, if anything you shouldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t like animals.

He should just smoke a fat blunt instead if he can’t drink anymore

Livia also was the one who injected Lennys dyiuk too

He takes more pictures of himself than a teenage girl does. I think it is part of the reason he is so unlikeable.

Man he looked terrible there

So I thought this guy was loaded?? He must have never cashed out his crypto.

If Ian is so smart with all his exercise science should he not have an excellent physique??

It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again …


Jason “Michael Myers” Masterson

“What’s your name?” “Jason Michael Masterson”…

I thought surely they’d torch the place but they didn’t even remove the tile, the new owners have no clue what happened here. …

New Big Jay Live!!

Live on YouTube right now! Just kidding it’s imposter Jay.

Big Jay...checkin in...from the pool!

I was gonna wear it in the pool but the literally dog pissed on my swimsuit, absolutely piss.

Jay Masters Halloween Mask

Mask I made of Jay…don’t be mad just a little gag! …