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Suddenly he has a full range of motion when there’s a cock nearby.

Don’t worry, he does this from time to time. He’s also VictoriasLastOrgasm, SubSpace and like 10 other usernames.

Four ancestral tenets: sick, piss, revolting, insulting.

Would melt for fuel and hygienic products. It white whale.

Squeeze 'em tite, boi. Das it, mane, das it.

FOCKING PANCAKES, da whole nine yawds!

They have redundant upper management, bleeds off half the ments.

Yesterday I wanted to just wank go sleep forever, so I went to cookie cutter reddick in search for porn. I found the sub dedicated to Shay Fox (don’t ask me why I chose this whore to gunt the goat to). And what do you fucking know, a few top posts are by one Nate8000 commenting on what a bitch she is. Truly, pisstroopers are everywhere. WEEEEEEEEEEE

Have to do presentation for class. Start saying ‘I am fawking zeez brah’ uncontrollably.

Compulsive masturbation, that was his problem.

Checks in anywhere he goes

Rich pisstroopers must STEP UP

He doesn't sell shitty T-shirts ANYMORE

He used to. USED TO. But he doesn’t do it ANYMORE. Also, he touches children. …

order 66 the rolex prick

Odor sisix the rolocks… the rolex enf, enf, force… The rolex prick, order sixty six. Order sixty six the rolex prick for talking shit and being such a frickin rolex, bro. Motherfucking cocksucking mezza fanook, order 66…

This one had enough sense to put a rubber on. The side effect is writing in Genova-speak. …

The hue manatee is completely off his fucking rocker. …

Jay the Sexual Tyrannosaurus

He’s going to LITERALLY FUCK POMPS, cuckold him and fuck his whole family. Whatever depraved sexual act involving him will Jay come up with next?! …


All the animals come out at night - freaks, youtube celeries, biohackers, sugar daddies, Boca bitches, trannies, fitness influencers. Sick, venal. Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets…