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Kind of freaky

Make problem doodle

What do you think about that ?


“Go suck some dick you old Queen”


Almost as bad as the fetid dwarf and his paid for caricatures

Well generally he is on the receiving end

Certainly fruity

Looks like Chuck Bashers partner in crime

Indeed fan buddy I was thinking of his pathetic showing in Vegas

The fat fuck hid from PJ

Got beat by a retarded dwarf

Backed down from big penny

He wouldn’t have the balls to be a Nazi

More like a soft dicked French pussy drunk sucking off some Nazi

Almost shit pants in laughter fan buddy


What did he win ?

Sucking off the football team and crying into his pillow ?

What is the fat old queen blathering on about now ?

How to suck dick ?

Belly full of tranny spunk


Coath Debbie fucks you

You don’t fuck coath Debbie


“I think I taw muh pec

Get away from me”

-A fat faggot

Looks like he is wearing a an old man’s dead body as a super hero suit

It yeah buddyening !

This guy never taw his pec He never got beat by a spastic dwarf He never fantasised about being dominated by a degenerate post man He never hid from PJ His dick was never soft He just sucked dick and lifted raw This is a real father doing real fathering

Furiously pulling at your soft dick sat in your mommies house while fantasising about a burly post man fucking you in your ass whilst crying the hurt away

After 777 attempts you failed to die

The only thing this dick nosed faggot is tapping is his own prostate

Why are we entertaining this fat cunt

One day spent baking cookies with Lenny

Vegan gains boyfriend
Which fan buddy has the pre transition pooper pics Make problem doodle

A fayuuuug like Brad would be too busy not adulting with his no ass rule A real big fayuuug like his boyfriend Jason Masterson Two damsels together

Play doodle make problem

Want pooper pics of all horribly worn women of misfits


Who the fuck is Dolan Duck

Listen here you little autistic Faggot I have made more money and fucked more women before you have dragged your pitiful little mushroom out of bed before midday Now lift some weights you little chin dribbler

All grown up and got yourself a new home you can call your own Father is proud now fuck off before I rip off your head and shit down your throat