Unfortunately I can’t find a source anymore but here’s how it went:

Shorty after the Adam Harper Era, Coath Adam posted something on his companies’ facebook along the lines of: “Like this post to get a chance to win one of two $75 coupons for the Delray Beach Mall!”

Guess who immediately posted a comment? Jane Frantzen (from her former real account). I can’t recall what exactly she wrote but it was huge wall of text along the lines of:

“Hey Adam, I’m glad you’re doing good, we haven’t heard from you in a while. Here, things are pretty rough these days. My mother is currently in the hospital again for major check-ups and we’re all going through hard times. It’s nice to see your business is going well. Anything would help so we’re looking forward to hearing from you again!”

She wasn’t directly begging him (like Jason would have) but it was so painfully obvious that she was lusting for those sweet coupons. Back then you could still see people’s post history and this was the first activity her account had in MONTHS.

Some Miscer posted a screenshot of it in an old megathread and it was absolutely hysterical.

It’s honestly so fucking hilarious how the Genova clan does EVERYTHING in their power to behave like the most laughable over-the-top jewish stereotypes every chance they get.

Phucking lol.

Another lost Jane ment was off of a Janoy live stream. They were in Walmart and someone in the chat told him to tell Jane she had nice tits. So the grown man really went “Mother they’re saying you’ve got great tits” right to him mom in Walmart lmao

it jewening

ha, missed this one


Any chance the megathread still exists?

Edit nvm just saw the pic get posted wooooo

Why do jews have big noses? Because air is free.

Hail Hitler.


price went up on jasons haldol prescription and bevmo having wine sale! need coupon unfortunately! give deal!


It art or the deal


Thanks fanbuddy. That’s gold.


Small hats ability to detect a deal/freebies is unmatched.

Fuckin classic and hilarious. First time doing any facebook engagement in months and its the most pathetic sympathy fish to your son’s old trainer. The time and effort he gave to Jason just for Jane to throw a sob story out for more goodies days after. It so sick.

You would think even Jane should have that little amount of self reflection and shame, but no. Actually blows my mind that people like this exist for real.

I remember this, there are a few maniacs still friends with her on FB who would occasionally post gems. idk if she has tightened things up since.

Is this it? LOL


Lmfao this is it. I haven’t seen this in like eight years or something so it’s not exactly what I wrote but it’s pretty close lol

Haha, yeah, the pissverse is so deep, id totally forgotten about this. So much ment burned up in the fires. Really need an archive or news service documenting the piss


We had genovapedia which was great but the links are all dead because janoy’s channel got nuked by uncle. Plus the owners havent updated the website in years

hmmmmmmm not sure if jews deserve christmas presents

Couldn’t even private message him, had to sympathy grift in public. How are you “really working hard taking care of her” if she’s hospitalized? Wouldn’t nurses be doing that? And again Jane and Jason were living in homes provided to them by the same grandmother, which Adam and everyone else knows lmao. It’s just so ridiculous on so many levels

Granny still kicking eight years later. it sick. It piss. we don’t care about scammening, we’re jews

Old jew terrified of death. On all the medication in the world to avoid it.

Just some adenochrome baby fetus blood PeeJay, dont be mad Skip huehue



Fucking lmao. And all this after everything that Adam has given to this fucked up bloodsucking clan for free.

I just hope she did in fact not receive anything.

Coath Harper good guy unfortunately so gain goblin probably got something

Thats fucking hilarious lol it jewening. Isn’t your mother like 90, how does that effect you or your income? How would a $75 coupon to the mall help with any of that? Its just so painfully dumb and such an obvious guilt trip. Jason and Jane both had their own homes and vehicles at this point, Jason inside a gated community, which again is very public. Iron begger learned from the Mother obviously.


Well considering Jason would brag about making six figures on yootoob and then minutes later beg for “gas money” it’s not surprising that Jane would larp as impoverished for mall coupons

Remember when they sat at a bar on a livestream ordering water for like 1-2 hours waiting for happy hour? Revolting

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