Woman Hangs Her Children After Sex With Dog
Livestreams https://www.youtube.com/@ihatedogs273/streams#LisaSnyder #sexwithdog #dog

I know this isn’t related to the misfits, but the only thing worth mentioning would be Pig Leggy’s eventual death after another hospital stay that his PPP Loan money will not pay for

In the meantime, let’s focus on this extreme case of cynophilia

Some of you JQ and ZOG believers might add pet worship to the list of degenerate behaviors that are used to undermine the supposed Aryan race

I don’t personally believe in the intent, but I do believe in the irreversible damage pet worship does to the human condition

(The YouTube link is around the title somewhere, just look harder)


Too much adulting had to get rid of them

Taco Queen the second she can’t get bulls coming over any longer, it Pit-fucking and Gray-smurdering

Shoot all them dogs in the head. Dosen’t matter if they have owners or not. Makes great execution practice.

what about the kids?

What is the goal of the youtube channel “i hate dogs”? Like litally whats his motive?


His 3 main arguments against dog culture are hygiene, safety and remaining civilized

You’d do well to immerse yourself in the anti-dog community

He doesn’t appreciate pet ownership in general, either

Neither do many other anti-dog advocates

You’d do well to immerse yourself in the anti-dog community

No, nobody would do well to immerse themselves in that


You’ll say that until you see a dog spread its dander in a restaurant or hospital

Or a dog mauling toddlers in a library’s reading club

I’ll say oh shit and then go on with my life

Interesting, will need to research it. Doubt id go as far as to be anti-dog but dog culture is annoying as fuck. Not sure when it happened but cookie cutters seemed to put dogs on the level of people somewhere along the way.

A dog is indeed worth more than a life of an average bugman

We know who Jane values more huehuehue


Ehh nothing surprises me anymore. Shit like this probably happens daily somewhere around the globe

Same. People have and always will be out of their minds. Just needs gassed.

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