Big rich, Sol, Lou, old man chuck, kimbo and Rob are all dead.

Jason is on house arrest forever and mostly likely lobotomized to the point of absurdity.

Lenny does lazy lives at his mom’s house that consist of kissing his viewers ass or making an hour long “critique” of like 2 sentence that Brad uttered during a livestream. 90% of his content is unwatchable.

Jay has shrunk and is coping with bands 24/7.

Nate is crawling somewhere in Utah like the insect that he is.

Mark is in Orlando stocking on guns and ammo, not going to leave his place and ever talk about politics again.

Collura rarely uploads.

PJ is in prison.

Adam Harper is somewhere abroad with his uncalmed wife.

Andjew wont even bother to livestream, make a podcast or even write a few sentences after the death of Rob. He’s fully checked out of the piss at this point.

Like seriously what the fuck do we have anymore? Bessie whoring herself on OF? Laughing at her is the only thing menty i can think of. Hell even the fucking podcast website is down.

I was hoping to see a comeback of Rob in a year or so with tons of mailman stories, like a redo of podcast 70 but instead of Trapeze it would have been mailman ments. Sadly this will never happen.

And without Rob, Lenny will never make a proper video again unless Andrew films which is unlikely.

Listening to Lenny’s video about Old man Chuck really makes me wish we had him on the podcast. He’d have had so many stories to tell.

The more i think about the piss universe the more regrets I have.

  • @rusticle_collector
    97 months ago

    • No one knows what Jason will do after Granny dies. We know he is a shut-in due to Granny threatening Jane and him with their inheritance. After she’s gone obviously Jane will want to still keep Jason off social media, but with that barrier gone who knows what would happen next.

    • Collura will continue to do lives every few months. I genuinely enjoy them when he does them.

    • Brad will continue to do his quarterly live streams. Likewise I do enjoy them and they can provide a few small ments.

    • PJ getting out of prison could deliver some new ments one way or another. I don’t think he and Jason will ever collab again but he could do things like leaking conversations he resumes with Jason.

    • Nate may eventually return and we can make fun of him for the insect he is.

    • Jay? Honestly who gives a fuck. A shell of his former self and will likely never return to form.

    • Lenny is going to have a huge change soon, one way or another. I know it’s a running joke that he’s on deaths door, but we all know no one lives forever. In the next 5 years he will likely lose his feet, or just die.

    • Then there are endless side characters that can provide some very rare ments or come out of hiding. Bloho, Coath Adam, Bessie, McCuck, Ian, Coath Debbie, Duncle, Emma. The list goes on.

    Yes, the golden years are far far behind us, but I will still gladly gobble up the ever drying up tinkles of piss until the drought-stricken Lake Cresva eventually goes dry.