For me it’s probably Synthol Mark’s first appearance. It was an epic. Who knew how much could be behind a shy guy in the background of some gym vids. It had it all. Revelations about his strenuous life, massive redpilling on (((them ))), inside stories about entertainment industry degeneracy. It was a lesson of stoicism and I think he got some sense of closure coming public with all of it. The one where Nate reveals his meth use and petty criminal past, while constantly being roasted by Lenny is also quite entertaining. Collura coming from his status of mythical figure to confirm the wackiest Lenny Tales is also mandatory listening. The Jay Z rant is instant classic (which podcast is it from?) The one I remember being utterly pissed with, was when during the peak of Jewish militia BLM riots, Jay the cry baby cuck simps for joggers, same as the crack head money laundering rhino zoophile, claiming how much they were victims and the sort. Despicable.